Livestock Cameras

Lambing, Calving and Foaling Cameras

Livestock Cameras

Our livestock cameras will allow you to monitor your livestock remotely. Saving you time and allowing you to go be with your livestock when you are needed.
Our livestock cameras can be used throughout the year and are especially when animals are giving birth.
Monitoring is easily done via your smart phone. Allowing you to view the cameras when you need to.

Livestock Cameras

Livestock Cameras

Whether you have a large commercial farm or a small family one, you can’t watch every corner of your property all the time. Running a farm is hard work and farmers need to check on their livestock throughout the day and night, especially during the breeding season. There are many hazards that can befall the farmer. Animals are unpredictable and can find gaps in the fencing. They may become injured or attacked by wild animals or stray dogs. If your farm breeds livestock, then you also need to deal with all the complications that come with breeding and birthing.
Whether you grow crops or breed livestock, it is important to keep a vigilant watch over your agricultural property and your expensive machinery. The easiest way to do this is by installing surveillance cameras. At Smart Teck Services, we have a variety of cameras, including livestock cameras that will help you manage your farm without the need to physically patrol your property.

A Decade of Experience in Farm Security
Smart Teck Services is a security products company based in Ireland. We have over a decade of experience providing and installing security products to farms and commercial properties. Our experienced technicians come to your property for a thorough inspection to see what type of security system is best suited to your property and the best places to install cameras. This ensures every vulnerable area is covered to keep your farm and your livestock safe.

Why Do You Need Livestock Cameras?
When it comes to owning and running larger properties it may not be physically possible to constantly patrol the land and buildings all the time. By installing livestock cameras, you can keep an eye on your animals from a safe distance, especially during the breeding season. Our cameras are able to be linked to smartphones making it possible to keep watch over the animals, allowing you get a good night’s sleep or leave your farm to run a few errands.
Looking after livestock with cameras is a lot easier than trying to watch over them without the use of livestock cameras. Animals tend to get skittish and distressed around humans so installing security systems that include livestock cameras allows the farmer to stay alert, without disturbing the animals. There are a number of situations that can arise that farmers need to be able to react to quite quickly. Animals can become trapped or entangled, wild animals can attack, thieves can try to steal animals are just a few of the dilemma’s farmers face.
Then there is the wonder of nature where your livestock give birth to baby animals. The nature of breeding is a marvel and most animals instinctively know what they need to do. However, just like humans, things can and do go wrong. Animals often need human intervention to safely deliver a baby animal. Livestock cameras will capture all of these events. You can watch over your herds from your smartphone and be ready to rush out when needed.

Protect Your Investment
As a farmer, you may not want to think of your livestock exclusively in financial terms, but they can be an expensive investment and one you want to protect. You can’t watch your animals every second of the day and they need to graze. Often the cost of the security system is less than the loss you would feel by losing a prized bull, ram or steed. By spotting the problems as soon as they start, you can intervene and limit the number of animals you lose to attacks, theft or injury.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Farming on its own is already hard work. Animals need to be fed, stables and barns need to be mucked out, fences need to be mended and so many more things need to be done on a daily basis. If you need to stop and check on your animals at frequent intervals, you’re going to feel like you are burning the candle at both ends. By installing livestock cameras, you can watch over your herd without any interruptions to the task you are currently working on. This is a major time saver for you and less stressful for your animals. You’ll still be watching your animals, but all you need to do is check the monitor next to the base station or check to surveillance on your smartphone.
The best friend of every farmer is a good night’s sleep. This is nearly impossible for a caring farmer during calving, foaling or lambing season. Talk to any farmer and they will tell you that sleepless nights spent running backwards and forwards to animal enclosures can be gruelling. What’s worse is that the act of getting out of bed, putting on a jacket and shoes, going out to the enclosure, checking on the animals and coming back to bed leads to overstimulation and it is often difficult to relax and fall asleep again. Livestock cameras allow you to check the live stream without getting out of bed. By monitoring animals this way, it is easy to simply turn over and go back to sleep.

Do Not Disturb

Many farmers will tell you that sheep can be very shy about lambing in front of humans. As a farmer, you may think you are being diligent by staying with your herd during lambing season, but the reality is that your mere presence may make the animal reluctant to deliver. This means the delivery can go on for a lot longer than it needs to which is stressful for the animal and not exactly pleasant for you either. By installing lambing cameras in a sheep enclosure, you can watch the entire miraculous delivery without being an intimidating presence. From a safe distance, it is possible to monitor the process and ensure lambs are delivered, mothers are removing the amniotic sacs and helping their offspring take their first breath. Lambing cameras are the perfect way to monitor delivery and only intervene if they need to.

No More Distressing Lights

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a new born foal stand on its own for the very first time? For a farmer it is indeed a touching sight. However, many mares will deliver their foals in the dead of night and having you standing over her with the lights on can add to the stress of this time. Foaling cameras can also be installed with night vision which means you can still monitor this special event but leave the horse to do this without trepidation. Night vision foaling cameras allow you to watch from a safe distance. Once the foal is delivered, the mare won’t mind a visit from the farmer to ensure she and her foal are fit and healthy.

Your Safety Is Important Too

Any sized farm can benefit from having security cameras installed. Apart from being able to keep a vigilant eye on the entire property, including the animals, security cameras can keep the farming family safe as well. If the animals become distressed for whatever reason, you can see the cause of the distress before rushing out blindly. If a wild animal is the cause of the ruckus, you don’t want to rush out and possibly be attacked yourself. It’s also important to see where the animals are before you rush out to assist them.
Attacks on farms aren’t that frequent thanks to adequate fencing but injuries are still possible. Cows are very large animals and also very protective of their young. Calving cameras give farmers the ability to watch the calving process from a safe distance where there is no risk of the cow making a sudden move and possibly rolling on to the farmer. With good quality calving cameras, you can ensure the calf is safely delivered without disturbing the cow and other animals in the enclosure.

Whatever your reasons for livestock cameras, there are a few things to take note of. While most of the different types of camera systems are similar, calving cameras are a little different to foaling and lambing cameras as they often have a wider view. These cameras can pan out more and give you a better live view of what is happening with your animals.
Smart Teck Services can supply your farm with the best livestock camera for your particular type of farm. Our cameras are high quality and produce excellent imagery. We can ensure all your bases are covered and help you protect your animals at any time of the day or night. Our range includes cameras with night vision so you can monitor your livestock without disturbing them by keeping the lights on in their enclosure.

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